Hullapalooza was formed in 2007 by two brothers who pledged to furnish their home city with fine and rare goods from the world of modern culture, our ethos was one that sought to reject the mainstream fashions and small town preconceptions whist at the same time throwing our doors open for all of society to experience and become aware of the great deal of innovation, progress, excitement and love present in our ever changing industry.
Thus we seek not to pigeonhole and close off our reality in marketing demographics and socio-economic age groups but to make the statement that our market is for anyone even slightly interested in something different, that stands out from the crowd, something cool.

So with these concepts we try to make every one of our items evoke a reaction, every product pleasing to the eye, interesting, practical or resonant in some way,
and so we try to be a store that pays no mind to the pretentious, cool for the sake of cool vibe that haunts most urban shops but pays full attention to having fun and appreciating the many influences of varied cultures from around the world (like extreme sports, music, art, pop culture) that have led to the formation of a view that says this is not a collection of vapid, fly by night fads but a real social renaissance that is here to stay and flourish.

Welcome to Hullapalooza! Hope you enjoy!